Why do an electromagnetic inspection?

It's time for the great electromagnetic cleanup


Detect, measure, mitigate

EMF Meter # ME3851A: For Basic EMF Detection Purposes

The inspection will allow you to see what you are exposed to and what are the safe limits proposed by the Baubiology.

This evaluation makes it possible to make the invisible visible and consists in identifying and measuring, using professional instruments, the 4 common sources of electropollution:

Image CEM enfant

1. Pulsed radio frequencies:

cell towers and antennae on buildings, new generation electric meters (smart meters), wireless devices coming from neighbors, Wi-Fi routers, mobile phones, home cordless phones, tablets, computers, alarm systems, baby monitors, smart TV and home appliances, cars, watches etc.


2. Electric fields:

electrical wiring in walls, floor and ceilings, electronic devices, lamps, light fixtures, appliances,

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3. Magnetic fields:

home wiring errors, overhead/neighbourhood power lines and transformers, your home’s electrical panel and meter, electric motors, AC/DC adaptors, stray voltage on plumbing.


4. Dirty electricity (electrical pollution):

energy efficient lighting (CFLs,LED etc), dimmer switches, energy saving appliances/electronics, and variable speed motors.

The inspection pays particular attention to sensitive areas of our living environments, particularly the place where we sleep. During the hours of sleep our body rests and detoxifies. It is therefore important to keep this place as healthy as possible. Most of us use a computer for several hours a day. Our computer emits different types of electromagnetic fields. It is important, through simple and effective measures, to reduce our exposure to these fields as much as possible.
It is possible to act either to limit exposure or to make modifications that will avoid wireless technologies. An "electromagnetic household" is possible for everyone to become an actor and decision-maker in their electromagnetic environment. The notions of distance and duration of exposure are essential.
The inspection includes a detailed report of our findings and the most effective and efficient solutions to minimize the problems identified.




Are you planning to buy or rent a house/apartment and want to make sure that its environment is safe? We can carry out a pre-purchase evaluation with special attention to the impact of the presence of a high voltage power line, a cell tower or a problem in the electrical system.