Electromagnetic fields and your health


For most people, electromagnetic pollution is difficult to grasp. For many, if it’s invisible, it’s because it doesn’t exist.
This lecture helps to identify and understand the fog of artificial waves that surround us (wireless devices, Wi-Fi, electrical systems in our homes, etc.) and to better understand their many health impacts. Julie also helps participants understand the role and process of an electromagnetic inspection, which will help them make positive changes in their living environment.
The technologies we use on a daily basis are very useful! But let us not forget that it is possible and desirable to use them safely. Understanding our electromagnetic environment and how it affects our health is a valuable asset that helps us make informed choices.
It is possible to act either to limit exposure or to make modifications that will avoid wireless technologies. An “electromagnetic household” is possible for everyone to become an actor and decision-maker in their environment.

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General points discussed

  • Understand the different electromagnetic waves that surround us and what are their sources?
  • Difference between a wired connection and a wireless connection
  • Demo with measuring devices
  • Health Impacts
  • Scientific research and safety standards
  • Electrosensibility
  • Children: electronic screen syndrome and why advising an electronic fast
  • The conduct and usefulness of the electromagnetic inspection
  • Various tips on how to protect yourself and make your environment safe